Content Creation Consulting

{CONTENT is the new BLACK}

For companies who want to manage their own social media accounts, we offer unique advice and expertise on how to maximize your content to grow your brand. Whether you’re starting from scratch or wanting to grow existing accounts. With a BCOM Marketing Degree and over 10 years experience working with various brands and digital media, let us give you advice and tips on how to create better content and grow your accounts.

What does a consult include?

  • browse your existing marketing channels and give feedback and advice.
  • help you define your target market and conceptualize ways to communicate with them.
  • give you tips on how to take better photos and video.
  • introduce you to tools and apps that can make your life easier.
  • help you identify ways to grow your accounts organically (no bots here).
  • if I told you any more then I would be giving away our secrets.  

Consult Fee: R1000 (1 – 2 hours)